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A fairly big annoyance is that the clipboard url does not get saved right away but rather it takes a while.

this is annoying when I send one screenshot and then i want to send a second, I must now remember the first url to see if it has changed yet or not, otherwise i risk to send the old one again if i was too fast.

If this is an issue with shortening may i suggest that you put the full dropbox url in the clipboard immidiately and then shorten it and replace it in the clipboard.

or at least empty the clipboard first and then wait for new url, so once can see that there is no url yet.
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name1ess0ne wrote Jan 17, 2013 at 6:39 PM

I know it's very annoying, but unfortunately it's not possible to copy url immediately =(
According Dropbox API you can get file link only after file be udloaded
I not use url shortener, short url returns from Dropbox API

I will empty clipboard before shot.

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Please update to CLoudShot 2.3

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